Bath and Liverpool – August 11, 2012 – By Lancelot

We got an early start to Bath.
Upon arriving at Bath and parking the car, we began exploring the city.
Our hunger led us to a local Cornish bakehouse where we bought some delicious Cornish meat pies.  Sitting down on benches outside the bakery we ate the pies.   Yum!
Bath Abby was our next destination.  The abbey is a medieval Catholic monastery.  During the reformation it ownership shifted to the protestants.  Today, Bath keeps it open as a tourist attraction. The abbey provides a very beautiful example of well-preserved medieval architecture with many life-like statues and numerous stain glass windows displaying inspiring scenes from the gospels in stunning bright colors.  It is amazing.
After exploring Bath Abbey we go next door to the Roman Baths.
The Romans built the bath complex on a natural hot spring.  Rich romans would take baths and worship at this location.
The Temple construction occurred from 60-70 AD and the bathing complex took  300 more years to complete.
During the Roman invasion of Britain, engineers drove oak piles into the mud to provide a stable foundation and surrounded the spring with an irregular stone chamber lined with lead. In the second century, a vaulted door enclosed the spring, housing the calidarium (hot bath), teidarium (warm bath) and frigidarium (cold bath) . In Roman times the bath house had a tall ceiling. History says that when most people came to bathe they would be shocked by the height of the ceiling.
Overlooking the bath there is a terrace with sculptures of Roman Emperors and Generals.
After touring the Roman baths we head to Liverpool.  After  arriving in Liverpool, we take a small driving tour around the city.
During our driving tour we see lots of large rusted and closed ship yards.
Forests of weeds surround the buildings and broken glass lies about the  factories. There are many old  houses that were probably nice when the factory was open but when the jobs ended the people left.  Now they are run down and abandoned old houses.
After our tour of Liverpool we found parking and asked a security guard if there are any good restaurants nearby.  He told us that most of the local restaurants closed except for an Italian Restaurant called “Guest”.  So we walked to “Guest”  and had a dinner of pasta Bolognese and pizza.   it was GREAT but not as GREAT as the pizza in Italy.
After dinner we walk back to the car and get some sleep.

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