Stonehenge and Avebury – August 10, 2012 – By Lancelot

We start the day by doing laundry.  At first I thought there wasn’t much laundry . But little did I know, Max and Julian had big bags of dirty cloths. So I take their bags and toss them into the washer.

After we are done the laundry we hit the road for Stonehenge. On the way there we stop at KFC and get a big bucket of chicken.  They asked me if I wanted to biggy size  the order, and i replied “of course!”   It was goooooood and greasy.

As we drove through the English country side toward Stonehenge we saw lots of rolling hills.  Out of the blue, Stonehenge popped out, standing out in the middle of no where on one of the hills. We park, and of course someone has their hands out, so we pay up 20£ for the experience, which came with audio guides.  Not a bad deal.

kew_2012_0810_stonehenge_1568 kew_2012_0810_Stonehenge_1571

Stonehenge dates back to 3000 BC.  It was completed in 1600 BC and is one of the most famous and ancient sites in the world.   Each rock weighs around 25 tons.  No one knows  how the builders got the rocks to the site.  The rocks must have come from far away because there are no rocks around the area.  No one knows why the builders put the rocks here.  Was it a monument to represent their power? Or maybe it was used for sacrifice? Or was it used as a burial place?  no one knows.  Stonehenge is definitely one of the worlds biggest mysteries.

Next. we head to Avebury where we find an even bigger Stonehenge.  It is a bunch of boulders forming a large circle.  There is no official tour, and cows seem to be the most regular visitors.  Around the circle of boulders there is a big moat.   This moat is huge compared to the one at Stonehenge.






After touring Avebury, we head to dinner at a pub called The Red Lion.   We ordered fish and chips,  steak, and mac and cheese.   It was all really good …. haven’t had any bad food yet!

kew_2012_0810_Red Lion_1602


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