The Southern Double – May 8, 2019 – By Julian


By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

We started this day by exploring Greensboro. The city is named in honor of Nathaniel Greene (a major general of the Continental Army of the American Revolution). The city was also was known as “Greensborough.” The city is filled with grandiose architecture, but I must admit that the nature of the city wasn’t green enough.

For lunch, Dad got me a BBQ sandwich from BBQ Joe’s Country Cooking & Catering (High Point, NC). The sandwich had pulled pork, mashed potato, and saucy stuff inside. I ate with a refreshing coke. The sandwich was very yummy with the saucy-meaty taste, but it still wasn’t as good as the BEST BBQ in the entire galaxy (TEXAS BBQ)!!! I’ll say that BBQ Joe’s is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A!


Sandwich and coke.

We then explored Winston-Salem! What is this? Some sorta town in New England or the UK?!? No DUNKING WAY!!!! The city of Winston-Salem has its origins dating back to when 2 towns (Winston and Salem) expanded and united as 1 city! Because of this great collide, it’s known as “Twin City (this better not happen to Dallas and Fort Worth).” This city also has a smoky history related to the tobacco industry because of the birth of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and the company’s doozy cigarettes (cigars and pipes are superior). This city is especially deepened in American patriotism because this is where Chris Christie’s Krispy Kreme Doughnuts began!!! What’s better than doughnuts and America?!? That’s classic. For the architecture: it needs more CLASSICALISM.

After driving through that smoky city, we drove further WEST into the MOUNTAINS!!! The 2 mountain towns that we checked out were Wilkesboro and Boone. Wilkesboro is very good because it’s where the mountains begin. Boone is very good because it’s named after Daniel Boone, one of the world’s greatest pioneers. What these 2 towns have in common is the folksy hillbilly culture with a slice of capitalism and classicalism. In case anyone was wondering: being inland (deeper within the continent) is better than being at a coast, mainly because you’re away from the hoighty-toighty coastal elites.

After North Carolina, we drove into Tennessee (one of the greatest states in Dixieland, but not superior to Texas).

After spending so much of the day eating away at this southern double, we ate more. We stayed at a Best Western in Johnson City (TN) while watching Fox News.


“The failing New York Times!!! I told y’all it would fail.”—The Chosen One

For dinner, we ate at Frieberg’s German Restaurant. I ate the Frikadella (I also ate some of Dad’s dish). This dish consists of a German-style cheeseburger with a pretzel roll as the top bun, Muenster cheese placed in for cheese, and a side of fries. Dad ate Goulasch. It was a soupy dish with big chunks of meat and mashed potatoes. The atmosphere was very rurally German, the food was gratifying with amazing taste (except for the bread we ate before the meal, it was quite bland), and we got an authentic experience of Deutschland. We have been throughout Germany (2012 Europe trip blogs are on this site), and this restaurant unequivocally masters the art of Germany. This restaurant is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A+!!!!!

After dinner, we viewed downtown Johnson City. The downtown has a very Southern look with a taste of Appalachia.

After eating our delicious German feast: we went back to our Best Western room, watched Fox News, and dunking slept.

Now that is what I gotta dunking say about May 8, 2019!!! God Bless Texas & God Bless America!!!! 🇨🇱🤠✝️🦅🇺🇸

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