Keswick, England – August 12, 2012 – By Lancelot

We hit the road to Keswick, a market town 40 minutes from Scotland.

Upon arriving we see people walking dogs that resemble themselves.  Very strange!  We pass the Old Moot Hall, which was the town hall,  but is now a local tourist center


We frolic over to the “Dog and Gun,’ a TOTALLY DOG FRIENDLY restaurant.  All canine customers are given free  pooh bags … we didn’t get any.  The dog owners could order food for their pets.  We thought the food for the humans was delicious.

We order a plate of foie gras,  some very LARGE  bowls of  Goulash,  bangers and mash (aka mustard mashed potatoes),  and sausage.  It was great.


After lunch we continue to explore Keswick.  Stumbling into many local stores and bakeries we enjoyed meeting locals.


After exploring Keswick we drove a scenic route  starting at  Borrow Dale and ending at New Lands Valley.


The route  is full of vast Mountains, rocky hills, and  lots of shrubs growing everywhere.  The rocky soil leaves the landscape bare of trees.

.KEW_2012_0812_1710 KEW_2012_0812_1718  Flocks of sheep wander about eating grass and drinking from the many streams. After watching the sheep running  and jiggling all their nice juicy meat around, we decided to  have some fun.   Stopping the car, we tried to sneak up on the sheep.


Alas we fail and, worse yet, got tired and hungry….so we decided to go back to Keswick and get some fish and chips.  🙂

KEW_2012_0812_1758 LXW_2012_0812_4080


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