Normandy – June 28, 2012 – By Natalia

We slept in, relaxing that morning before driving to Normandy.  We wanted to visit Mont St. Michele, but the drive was a lot longer than we expected.  Late that afternoon, we finally arrived close to the island. Before parking and taking the long walk , we tried some of the famous Mont St. Michel biscuit cookies at the trademark factory.  These cookies, made from salted butter,  taste so, so good!!


We bought a big bag for the road, then walked up to the Mont St. Michel Abbey.

Streets of Mont St. Michel

The sun was beginning to go down, and the view from the abbey was incredible.

The Abbey

The Abbey

Sadly, we could not go inside the Abbey because it was only open for a special vesper.

Later, we drove on to the sea town of Cancale, famous for their oyster farming.

Cancale – Fishing boat

Streets of Cancale


It was late, but we just made it to a restaurant on the harbor. They made us a delicious spread that seamed almost like a New England style meal.  We feasted on mussels, clams, crabs, oysters, and escargot (since it is France). Delicious shellfish on both sides of the Atlantic.


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