Car problems – May 25, 2012 – By Natalia

A very interesting day. We woke up early and drove into Rome to avoid the rush hour.  We planned to see the National Museum, the Borghese Gallery, and spend another evening at the Spanish steps.

As we pulled into our parking lot across  from the metro, the car’s transmission failed. It literally just went out.  The garage attendants had to help us push the car out of the  garage while the Blue  Danube played on the radio!

Dad called Renault to send a tow truck and a replacement rental car.  It took another hour for the tow truck to arrive, but we got to ride inside the car on top of the tow truck:)

Thats something we had not done before… even in Texas.  Not sure what mom what say.  🙂

Renault cost us the rest of our morning because they refused to give us a rental car until they were sure that the warranty covered “transmission failure.”  When Renault finally gave us a car, it was a Lancia with less room. The end result wasn’t too distressing because it earned us some extra days in Rome. After getting the Lancia we still had time to visit the national museum, and spend another night at the Spanish Steps. This time we made  dinner reservations. We ate at a restaurant named Nino’s, where we had an incredible Truffle Fondue ravioli, YUM! It was just like Mac and cheese  🙂  Italian comfort food.

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