Texas Summer – Roadie Style – June 2017

The heat does not stop a Texan from having a good time. We have air-conditioning.  🙂  Well, even without AC we like to explore our great state and see the spots and eat some great Texas fare.

Earlier this summer we explored south and west Texas on our way down to an annual summer camp.

First good eat was Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor Texas www.louiemuellerbarbecue.com . YUM. The brisket, ribs, beans, potato salad and slaw were really good.

BBQ 1.jpg

BBQ 2.jpg

BBQ 3.jpg

BBQ 5.jpg

Sonic – no matter where you go, you can’t go wrong with Sonic.

Sonic 1.jpg

Balmorhea State Park – Love this place. The water comes from a natural spring. The pool is full of fish and plants that grow in lakes. You feel like you’re in the dessert…and you have found an oasis. We like to jump of the diving board and swim in the cool water with the fish. You can camp there and listen to coyotes at night while you stare at a million stars.

Bal 1.jpgBal 2.jpg

Bal 3.jpg

Fort Davis – a great little town in the Big Bend area.  Stop and have a milkshake.       Super yum.

FT Davis 1.jpg

FT Davis 2.jpg

Van Horn, Texas and the El Capitan Hotel www.thehotelelcapitan.com. Feel like you are stepping back in time, but getting to eat some seriously delicious food. Loved the gopher burger with fries…. Don’t think it was made from gopher.

El Cap 1.jpgEl Cap 2.jpg

El Cap 3.jpg

El Cap 5.jpg

El Cap 6.jpg

Marathon Texas and the Gage Hotel www.gagehotel.com You feel like you have stepped back in time to the gun slinger days with some luxury.  Stopped at the Blessed Virgin church, and took some road side pics

Marathon 1.jpg

Marathon 2.jpg

Marathon 3.jpg

Marathon 4.jpg

Brownsville Texas – Rutledge Burger Stand. This place is small but the burgers have BIG taste.

Brownsville 1.jpgBrownsville 2.jpg

Brownsville 3.jpg

South Padre Island, Texas – Love the beach, love the water, love making burgers out here.

South Padre 2.jpgSouth Padre 3.jpg

South Padre 4.jpg

South Padre 5.jpg

Stopped to check out the border and take some pics.

Border 1.jpgBorder 2.jpg

Border 3.jpg

Border 4.jpg

Ferry to Port Aransas, Texas.

Ferry 1.jpg

Rockport, Texas – had some great seafood….



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