Dresden – July 21, 2012 – By Lancelot

We start the day doing laundry.   First, we find a laundry mart in the center of the new part of Dresden, surrounded by Soviet era apartment buildings.



After finishing our laundry, we walk over to an underground shopping mall and find a “wurst place.”  We ordered some wurst and wiener schnitzel.  The food is great …. nothing like wurst in Germany.

Full from the wurst we head to  Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church that was totally destroyed during the WWII fire bombing.  Frauenkirche is amazingly restored thanks to donations from all around the world.

Martin Luther

The Church

Next we visit the Parade of Nobles.  At the parade, a mural painted on 24,000 tiles of Meissen porcelain …  longer than a football field, illustrates 700 years of Saxon royalty.  We also visited the Zwinger  Palace,  once the home of the Wettin Dynasty which ruled the Saxons for more than 800 years until the end of WWI.  The Zwinger was heavily hit during WWII but the Dresdeners have rebuilt and restored it to its glory days. Our tour completed, we hit the Autobahn and say,  “Berlin … here we come.”

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