Amboise – July 1, 2012 – By Natalia

We had a sunny and perfect….for our laundry.  🙂

We drove into Amboise in the morning, and started the laundry.  Fortunately, the laundromat sat on an avenue with lots of benches, a Greek cafe, and boutiques.  While waiting for our clothes to become clean we ate cheese soufflés for breakfast and shopped.  Not a bad laundry day.

After finishing the  laundry we walked to the Amboise fortress and had lunch at a nearby cafe.  We tried the specialty, “steak tartar”….a first…and surprisingly good! After lunch we drove to the Chambord and Chenonceau chateaus.  You can find Chenonceau in the Loire River Valley.  It straddles the river, and has a beautiful maze garden, pink roses, and black and white tile floors.

The exterior…



The gardens…

The interior…

The river view

It looks like a castle.

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