Laundry Day – May 28, 2012 – By Natalia

Laundry Day take two! It was a rainy Monday,  so we slept in late and drove to the same laundry place we had gone to on Saturday.

The owner and his family were there when Lance and I walked in holding four laundry bags. I asked him which washing machines we could use, and he replied “you can’t wash till 4 o clock.” Now I was mad.  On Saturday he said, “Come Monday morning.”   It was Monday morning and I wanted clean clothes.

The only option… finding another lavanderia.  It finally dawned on us to enter lavanderia into google maps.   About 5 nearby options for laundry came up! Wow….if only we had thought of that before! We pulled up the closest one. Thankfully they had available washers, and offered to do our laundry for us. Sweet!

With free time on our hands, we went to lunch at the “Pizzerium” which is known to have the best pizza in Rome. That is definitely an understatement! The Pizzerium is a small pizza shop that makes huge rectangular shaped pizzas all day, and sells it to you based on weight. We went on a sample spree and tasted just about everything!  We especially liked the ricotta/sausage/rice balls that were coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried.

After claiming our laundry, we worked off all the pizza by  taking another walk through Rome to soak in our favorite spots.  There are so many colorful things to see here…including the carabinieri.


We are always hungry, so we stopped for dinner at “Al Moro’s”. The waiter informed us that Robert Deniro, Penelope Cruz, Demi Lavato, and many other celebrities had eaten there. The delicious plates of fresh pasta and stuffed zucchini explained why celebrities patronized the spot!  The night ended at our favorite spots…the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

Our spot

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