Jameson Distillery, Ring of Kerry, & Portmagee – August 30, 2012 – By Lancelot

We head over to the Ring of Kerry,  a large peninsula in Southern  Ireland. On the way,  we stop at Jameson whiskey distillery on the way .

We get a full tour of the old distillery.

It is not used any more because Jameson has a big mega size distillery in Cork.  The whiskey making process is pretty much the same process used by distillers in Scotland, but at Jameson the whiskey is distilled 3 times to get a more pure Whiskey flavor.  The distillery is a little “touristy”.


After the tour of Jameson we continue are drive towards the Ring of Kerry.  Upon arriving we decide to drive a portion  of the  loop of the peninsula immediately because according to the weather report it will be raining the next day.  So the plan is to drive 1/2 the loop with sunshine.

The drive is amazing and includes views of several small little islands scattered  along  the coastline. 

We stop at Portmagee and go to the “Moorings,” a small Restaurant over looking the harbor, for dinner. We order a fish and chips, a cod with a creamy white sauce, and trout.  The fish pulled out of the water this morning, and it was fresh and tasty. 😀

After dinner we go back out to the car and get some sleep;)    Zzzzzzzz

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