Oban distillery,road to Mallaig,Exploring Mallaig-August 14, 2012- By Lancelot

Getting an early start, We head to Oban Whiskey Distillery. At the distillery we sign up for a full tour to learn about the process to make whiskey.
The process goes something like this:
1. Smoke the barley in water,
2. Let the smoked barley germinate for two days,
3. Run the barley  through a big coffee grinder to crush the barley ,
4. Add yeast to the crushed barley (starts the fermentation process),
5. Ferment the crushed-barley to convert the sugars to alcohol,
6.Take the fermented barley to a copper distiller, which increases the concentration and separates the water from the alcohol,
7. Transfer the alcohol to barrels and let it sit for 14 years (at least!) ,

Over the years, 30% of the alcohol in the barrels evaporates. The evaporated alcohol is called “the angel’s share” and the remainder  is called Oban whiskey.

The tour was great and I now know how to make whiskey. 🙂

After the tour we get some fish and chips, then hit the road to Mallaig. We planned on taking a ferry from Mallaig to the Isle of Sky but the ferry was booked until the next morning. Regardless, we drove to Mallaig anyway. The road to Mallaig was very scenic, and the landscape was scattered the remains of stark churches. 

There are lots of small boats taking passengers up and down the many rivers that run in to the ocean,

We arrive in Mallaig, a small, busy and noisy port full of fat seagulls,

 Mallaig is the main port to skye, so there are lots of fishing boats coming in and out. There are also boats carrying passengers from Mallaig to the Isle of Skye, Isle of Eigg, and to Castlebay. You can get on other boats from these locations to other Isles. While  we walked along the dock, a scary looking but very nice dock worker gave us a bag full of fish and octopus chunks to feed to the sea lions,

  As we threw the fish chunks into air the sea lions jumped up and caught the food with ease.

Watching the sea lions flapping around their fat juicy meat made us hungry. We end a great day with more fish and chips!

 We have been sleeping in the car for a few months now, and not been taking many showers so stop talking about our hair!!! After a great dinner, we find a nice cozy spot to park the car.

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