The Midwestern Double – May 1, 2019 – By Julian


By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

We started the day by waking up early (6 in the morning) to attend a traditional Catholic Latin mass at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church! Yeeeeee haaaaaaaawwww!!!!!!!!!!!!


The great Latin Mass!

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church is truly brilliant with the mass being performed in the traditional way, the architecture being beautiful, and the shining light of God being fully spread across the church! This church is a must-see in South Bend! I highly advise everyone to follow the traditional Catholic Latin Mass for it is the brilliantly almighty path for this world!

After attending church, we relaxed at our Motel 6 room while watching Fox News (Bill Hemmer did a great job at America’s Newsroom with Sandra Smith)!!

After watching real news (not fake news like CNN, MSNBC, and others), we checked out the University of Notre Dame! The University of Notre Dame had a glorious catholic church, beautiful catholic architecture, a great history of Catholicism, and has unfortunately suffered from devastation. The unfortunate side is that the school is no longer really Catholic (only Catholic in name only), Catholicism is no longer necessary within the school, and deniers have taken over the school. We should all pray that former catholic schools return to catholicism by the power the traditional Catholic Latin Mass. ✝️👏`

After checking out the University of Notre Dame, we ate a good old German feast for lunch at Weiss’ Gasthaus (English translation: White’ Inn)! Weiss’ Gasthaus’s food tasted like the peak of German tradition, the atmosphere was German in nature with wooden chairs along with old portraits next to classical artifacts, and this restaurant showed that Americans can make really dunking good German food (beat that, Germany)!!! Dunk yeah!! I’ll say that this restaurant is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A+! Americana WINS for MURICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

After eating our German feast, we explored South Bend! From what we saw of South Bend: greatness, damage, houses abandoned, potholes rampant in the roads, infrastructure damaged, and lacking prosperity. We would say that the reason for the lack of prosperity is socialism with all the damage it causes along with Alfred E. Neuman (who wants to run against Your Favorite President). With Your Favorite President working to make America great again with God shining his greatness upon America, the forgotten cities and towns of America will be forgotten no more!

After exploring South Bend, we explored Fort Wayne! In Fort Wayne: there were lots of classical buildings, ugly modern buildings that would distract from the classical buildings, parts of the city were prosperous, other parts of the city (such as neighborhoods) weren’t too prosperous with homes abandoned, and there was another brilliant traditional Catholic Latin Mass! Since Fort Wayne was named after a fort, it should make itself look extremely like a fort with machine guns, turrets, tanks, choppers, and fighter jets flown with thousands of Americana flags.

We then attended another traditional Catholic Latin Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church! Sacred Heart Catholic Church didn’t look too nice from the outside because it the building wasn’t always a traditional church, but the inside was glorious! The architecture was brilliant with a Roman-style altar, the mass was performing the correct way, and the church was filled with the grace of God! This church (like many others) is dunking dangslanging brilliant with a holy Texan A+!!

After attending mass again, we drove our way thru the countryside of Indiana into Ohio where we arrived in Dayton! Decatur (Indiana) and Willshire (Ohio) were also quaint towns to see.

Once we arrived in Dayton, we stayed at a Motel 6 room, watched Fox News, ate dinner, and relaxed!!

For dinner, we ate Cincinnati chili and a split burrito (Dad also ate a salad which he really liked very much) from Skyline Chili while watching Fox News! The food was really good, but the chili could have been spicier (thankfully, I got hot sauce to go with the chili)! Because of my minor complaint of the chili with not being spicy enough, I’ll say that Skyline Chili is dunking dangslanging good with a Texan A-!

After eating dinner, we watched more Fox News, relaxed, and slept! 😴😴

Now that is what I gotta dunking say about May 1, 2019! God Bless Texas & God Bless America!!! 🇨🇱🤠✝️🦅🇺🇸

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