Guns N’ Country – April 27, 2019 – By Julian

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By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

We woke up thinking: GUNS N’ COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started out the day by getting ready to go the NRA convention, but unfortunately there was some technical issues going on with the Texas Roadies Mobile which lead us to instead taking an Uber ride (Uber is a transportation network company) to get to the convention.

When we got to the NRA convention, we checked out a bunch of really dunking cool guns, gear that can go really cool with guns, and an abundance of NRA finesse (the convention was also really safe because there was a lot of guns used for self-defense).

For lunch (Dad didn’t eat lunch), I ate a super yummy pot roast with mash potatoes and a biscuit from a food stand called “The Bistro” which was inside the convention! The food was soooo deenking delicious that it was like food that ya would get at a super fancy restaurant!!!!!!! The Bistro is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A+!



After lunch, we checked out more gun stuff!!! These guns of freedom’s safest place ensured that we will NEVER SURRENDER TO THE WACKY-GUN CONTROL-GLOBALISTS!!!

After having a blast-load of dunking fun at the NRA convention, we headed over to the Lucas Oil Stadium (AOC doesn’t like the name of this stadium because she is against oil which is typical of greeny communists) to spend some musical mania time with 3 county music stars for the 2019 NRA Alan Jackson Concert (the main thing for concert was Alan Jackson, but there were 2 other country music stars who worked as little musical entrées before Alan Jackson arrived). In their music we saw anti-communism, American patriotism, American conservatism, brilliance, positive hillbillyism, positive populism, pro-worker, pro-community, pro-family, and pro-dunk!!!!!!!!!!!! Their songs were dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A+!!!!!!!!! Yeeee haaaawwww!!!!!


Alan Jackson is having a good time!!!

After all that dunking country, we walked a long way to The Eagle (a restaurant within Indianapolis)! In this long walk (which was about 8, 9, or 10 minutes), we saw the great capitol of Indiana (the manor of Mike Pence), suffered intense physical pain with so much walking, accomplished dangerous feats (such as running over to the next side of the road when there are no cars coming), and viewed the high skyline of Indianapolis.

After walking such a long distance, we ate a feast at The Eagle!!! At The Eagle, we ate  gourmet fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw, and spicy polenta! This restaurant was dangslanging awesome with the atmosphere of a wildly chaotic American bar of the pioneer age, noise that would rock the house, and food that would delight a Texas Roadie!!! Yeee haaawww!!!! This restaurant was dunking dangslanging good with a Texan A+!

After that rocky restaurant, we arrived at our Motel 6 room (because of an Uber ride), watched Fox News, relaxed, and called this day a day!

Now that is what I gotta dunking say about April 27, 2019! God Bless Texas & God Bless America!!!!! 🇨🇱🤠✝️🦅🇺🇸

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