The Midwestern Feast – April 25, 2019 – By Julian

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By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

We first started out the day by eating some good old breakfast sandwiches with tater tots from Chick-fil-A for breakfast while watching Fox News. What a brilliant way to start out the day!

After eating breakfast, we explored the downtown of the Iowa town of Dubuque (named after Julien Dubuque, a French Canadian explorer). Like many old Midwestern-American towns we have seen next to rivers: many of the buildings are very classy with no modernism, the town has great classical architecture, clean streets, prosperity, looked like a nice place to fish, and had great catholic churches! The unfortunate news: there are classical homes that are abandoned, liberalism is in root, and there was a catholic church that turned into a secular ceremony place that is known as “Steeple Square” which shows a sign of decrease in catholicism (the town seriously needs to keep up to its catholic roots).

After Dubuque, we checked out Bellevue (a town in Iowa)! Bellevue was a nice place for fishing, honor, and PEACE. It was a great town for recognizing Midwestern-American society (The town was so cool that I sat on a swinging bench)!

After Bellevue, we drove into the Iowa town of Clinton (Crooked Hillary lost Clinton County by a BIGLEAUGE failure in 2016). In Clinton, we saw one of the most weirdest things ever: we saw a food factory (that makes corn sweeteners) look so huge that it looked like a nuclear power plant instead (especially with all the smoke)!!! What the dunk is the dunking world is dunking going on right dunking now at this dunking hour at this dunking minute at this dunking second at this dangslanging time?!?!

After Clinton, we made our way into Illinois thru the Iowa town of Davenport (which could need more prosperity) which led us to out Peoria. The city was in need of economic prosperity with roads torn apart, poor infrastructure, and dirtiness. What the city needs is more brilliant catholic churches built to bring back greatness into the city! If everyone were serious catholics, the entire world would be in greatness.

After Peoria, we drove across the great Illinois countryside into the Indiana town of Crawfordsville. While we were driving our way to the town, we were faced with some real midwestern fury!! The fury enraged with lots of smoggy stuff, powerful winds, and tyrannical rains!!!

When we arrived in Crawfordsville, we watched Fox News, ate dinner, and relaxed!

For dinner, we ate Mexican food at El Charro Taqueria (English translation: The Tacoa Charro)! I ate the delicious La Tampiqueña which included 2 enchiladas, steak, fried bananas, beans, fries, cheese, sauce, and chips. Dad ate brilliant tacos! The main meal was delicious (with the exception of the guacamole), the chips were stale, the salsa wasn’t spicy enough (I put extra hot sauce on it), the atmosphere was unusually shocking (I say shocking because the atmosphere looks similar to that of a kindergarten room which seemed a bit strange), and the service was pretty decent! What I would complain about this place is that chips were stale, there wasn’t enough spicy stuff in the salsa, and there is a way too many avocados here (It’s no big deal if ya like avocados, but it can be hard trying to avoid avocados because so many good stuff on the menu include avocados)! Because of my complaints, I’ll say that this restaurant is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A (my main dish was really delicious)! It seems quite predictable to see a salsa-chip problem in a Mexican restaurant in Indiana because Indianans don’t know Mexican food as good as Texans do and the reason is is because Texans have more spicy taste buds whereas people up north like in Indiana have more of mild taste buds (non-Texans could all learn some advice from Texans). 🤠

After eating dinner, we watched more Fox News, and slept!!!! 😴😴



Now that is what I gotta dunking say about April 25, 2019! God Bless Texas & God Bless America!!! 🇨🇱🤠✝️🦅🇺🇸

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