Midwestern Fury – April 24, 2019 – By Julian

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By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

We awoke up from our great awakening and screamed: “Yeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaw!!!!!”

Since we were really hungry, we got some breakfast at Josiah’s Coffee House & Cafe! Dad ate scrambled eggs, corn beef hash, and half a breakfast sandwich, but also drunk coffee! I ate half a breakfast sandwich, but also drunk hot chocolate! Now let me tell ya this: the hot chocolate wasn’t chocolatey enough! The hot chocolate was okay, but lacked the sweetness! The hot chocolate tasted like milk warmed up with a little bit of chocolate! Everything else about the cafe was thumbs up, but I was a bit disappointed with the hot chocolate! The breakfast sandwich was really good with the taste of the Dakotas! I’ll say this cafe is dunking dangslanging good with a dunking Texan A-!

After inhaling our breakfast, we explored the downtown of Sioux Falls! Sioux Falls had great classical buildings built with a sense of tradition, outnumbered itself with awesome capitalism, and decency! Sioux Falls was dunking awesome for being the king of all falls!!!

 After all that dunking jazz, we drove from South Dakota into Minnesota by viewing a great scenery of the heartland!!

After being in Minnesota for so dunking long, we drove into La Crosse (a town in Wisconsin)! La Crosse has very classical buildings, small businesses, prosperity, but there is poverty which is unfortunate (such as people living in a park, buildings partly abandoned, and roads in poor condition). La Crosse is really dunking dangslanging cool!

After La Crosse, we drove across the cheesy frontier of Wisconsin + Iowa (when I meant cheesy, I referred to all the cheese that is made in Wisconsin) viewing many classical towns (which were very nice) on the Mississippi River on the way to Dubuque (a good old town in Iowa)!

When we arrived in Dubuque, we stayed at a Motel 6 room, watched Fox News, ate dinner, and relaxed!

For dinner, we ate Chick-fil-A sandwiches and waffle fries (I also drunk a chocolate milkshake with mine) while watching Fox News! I’ll say Chick-fil-A is dunking dangslanging good with a Texan A+! No matter which Chick-fil-A ya may go to, the business always remembers to serve food with a slice of dunk! The smell of Chick-fil-A is so good that I wish the whole world smelt like Chick-fil-A!!!! Chick-fil-A is dunking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐥🐥🗡🤠

After eating our delicious chicken feast, we watched more Fox News, and dunking slept!!! 😴😴😴

Now that is what I gotta dunking say about April 24, 2019! God Bless Texas & God Bless America!!! 🇨🇱🤠✝️🦅🇺🇸

7 thoughts on “Midwestern Fury – April 24, 2019 – By Julian

  1. I must admit every one title make me furious. Look I am furious mouse with furious blood, my family settled there built farms in the mid west and your so called Mid West fury make me furious, I worked the farms and sweated and had back pains, uh how dear you the Texas Giant. Now look if you want redemption you gotta cross dress and got run in pink female underwear and scream I am in love with pink underwear. But this infuriate my mice blood,God dunk you! – Mickey Mouse from intense mid west farming Mickey Mouse verse!


  2. Now dear you insult my Irish brethren named Patrick the Bear. He is lovely bear with a beautiful utensil body he has Irish blood. Is father was beautiful man who drunk is own pea and sweated in the battles against GOD DUNKING Britain, how dare you the Texas Giant challenge my bear brethren. You are son of dunker and you insult my bear friend, did you know he and I ate potatoes and various other potatoes related dishes and took shower in the Ireland endless rain. So if my one of my bear brethren calls you the Texas Midget he rights and who need to dunking deal with it, Texas Midget!- Mickey Mouse from Irish Mickey Mouse verse where he is weirdly part of bear brethren than dance in the cold rain in green underwear!


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