From the Heart of Pecos County to the City of Trees – February 14, 2019 – By Julian

By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

For the first part of the day, we explore Fort Stockton!! The town is widely filled with history ranging from the name of the town, the fort, and the building of the town! It’s one of the most dunking cool towns in Texas, America, and earth!

For lunch, we ate cheeseburgers at B’s Family Dining! The cheeseburgers were dunking dangslangin good!!! What I also dunking liked about the restaurant is that there was a sense of Texan-American patriotism!!!! I’ll give this restaurant a dunking Texan A+!!

After lunch, we went to Sanderson! Sanderson was so dunking COOL!!!!! There was a cool church, dinosaurs, home decorations, and a strange train!!!!!! This is definitely a place to visit!

After the town, we checked out a HUGE bridge on top of a canyon! It is a great place for scenery and size!!!!! It was a great Texas-sized bridge! Yeee haaaaaaww!!!!

After the bridge, we checked out a historically dunking cool catholic church (Del Rio, Texas)! The church had great architecture, history, and greatness! It was really dunking cool to see when considering the age, architecture, and glory!!

After seeing the church, we stayed the night at Uvalde, watched Fox News, ate dinner, and relaxed!

For dinner, we ate delicious food from Hangar 6 Air Cafe while watching Fox News! I ate a cheeseburger, Max ate a salad, and Dad ate a sandwich!! I would say my burger is better than the others because it’s bigger which has to do with everything bigger in Texas and his dunking dangslanging good taste! I’ll give this restaurant a dunking Texan A+!

After dinner, we watched Fox News, relaxed, and slept!!! 😴😴😴

Now that is what I gotta say about February 14, 2019!!!!! God Bless Texas and God Bless America!!!! 🇺🇸✝️🇨🇱

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