The Trumpian El Paso Spectacle – February 11, 2019 – By Julian

By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

The main reason why we Texas Roadies went on this roadie trip: the Trump rally in El Paso, Texas! This day is the big day because this is day of the rally!!!!! Texans, it’s roadie time!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeee haaawwwww!!!!!!!!!!

We left Van Horn by driving into the Texan path of El Paso! When we started the drive, it was early, cold, wet, and foggy, but that’s not stopping us from seeing Donald Trump (The Royal Emperor)!!!!!!



When we arrived in El Paso, we ate some delicious Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuits (except for Dad who ate a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit) before we got in line for the rally! Chick-fil-A deserves a Texan A+!


After Chick-fil-A, we drove our way to one of Trump’s greatest speeches!

When we got in line we got in early because lots of people are coming, the amount of people waiting was big (it got a dunk a lot bigger later on), we waited for hours, and was entertained with music! 


The joy!

Dad stayed in his car for most of the the time (he eventually returned once we got closer to getting in the colosseum) because he did not want to suffer the heat (we saved his spot for him).

Next, the colosseum opened!!! We were in enthusiasm when the colosseum opened!

While we waited for Trump to speak, we saw other great speeches (by Trump Jr., Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn), saw more people flood in (later on not everyone could make it inside because the colosseum was so packed that a bunch of other Trump supporters had to watch the speech from a big video screen outside), and enjoyed the ride!

At the rally: Trump talked about the need for border security, bashing liberal democrats, bragged how he had more people at his rally than Beto O’ Rourke’s counter rally, his great accomplishments, praising Texas, and how he is gonna keep on making America great again! I’ll give this rally a Texan A+! I highly recommend that y’all watch the rally! This was by far one of the greatest speeches of the 21st century and all other centuries!

After the rally, we returned to our Motel 6, watched Fox News, and ate dinner!

For dinner we ate Whataburger food (in our motel room): I ate the delicious Green Chile Double burger, Dad ate the delicious Mushroom Swiss Burger, and Max ate the delicious Garden Salad! I’ll give this fast food chain a Texan A+! Whataburger forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a burger for Whataburger!

After dinner, we watched Fox News, and slept!!!!!!!! 😴😴😴

Now that is what I gotta say about February 11, 2019!!!!!!!! God Bless Texas and God Bless America!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸✝️🇨🇱

15 thoughts on “The Trumpian El Paso Spectacle – February 11, 2019 – By Julian

  1. Seriously? You think you’re “Texas Giant”?!

    I challenge you to an Alaskan style A +++ yunkin yangslining Alaskan bear race.

    The Alaskan Giant (100000000000000000000000ft 0 inches)


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