From Llano to Odessa – February 9, 2019 – By Julian

By Julian (The Texas Giant, 10 ft 5 in)

Texas, rise and shine for Texan greatness!!

We woke up to Fox News, ate lunch, explored Texan things, and got back on the Texan roads as Texas Roadies!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 4.09.33 PM

For lunch, we ate delicious food at La Hacienda De Jalisco in Llano (English translation: The Estate of Jalisco). Max, and I got delicious enchiladas with rice and beans!! Dad got 2 crispy tacos with rice and beans topped off with a delicious side salad!! All the food was DELICIOUS!!! The atmosphere was very Mexican, there was a gun with a sign that said “WE DON’T DIAL 911” which was very conservative, the customers looked like Texans hungry for Mexican food, the host was decent, and I believe the Mexican servers supported Trump’s Great Wall! I’ll give this restaurant a Texan A+!

After lunch, we drove into wild Texan desert frontier! We stopped by Menard, Texas. The town looks ruined by globalists, ghosts, and crime! There are stores closed, roads damaged, architecture falling apart, and does not look like a very nice place to live! The town needs to be repaired economically! 😬

We stopped by a cemetery in Meridian, Texas. The cemetery had lots of German sounding names, gravestones that included the wholes of families, and there was one British sounding name called “Thornton” on one of the graves. We figured the reason why there were so many German names is because of the German pioneers who settled Texas. The cemetery was quite a see!

We drove by Big Lake, Texas. The town looked poor, many people lived in RVs, the place ridden with trash (there seriously needs to be some cleaning up), there was lots of oil (👍), and there was a BIG SHOCK!! The place needs lots of cleaning up and the oilmen should seriously get paid more money because they work so hard!!! The big shock was despite the name of the town as “Big Lake”, the Big Lake (the lake that the town is named after) is more like a small lake! Look at the size!!!!!

After Big Lake, we drove across the Texan desert leading into Odessa! The place had lots of great oil! There was oil almost everywhere which is very good!!

What made the place look so apocalyptic (as if it was a Mad Max movie), was the TRASH!! Trash was expanded! People must stop the dirtiness!


On the road to eternity!

After all that Jazz, we stayed the night at Odessa, watched Fox News, relaxed, and ate dinner!

For dinner, we ate at Red Oak Kitchen. The atmosphere was a little classy with a sense of being casual, the service was pretty decent, and the food was delicious!!!! Dad got many delicious enchiladas! Max got The Godfather Pizza! I got Pig Pizza! We all ate the cocktail known as “Famous Nachos”! The nachos were so good that we did not stop eating! The main meal made us think this restaurant is dunking dangslangin good!!!!!!! I’ll give this restaurant a Texan A+!

After dinner, we relaxed, watched Fox News, and slept!!! 😴😴😴

Now that is what I gotta dunking say about February 9, 2019! God bless Texas and God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸✝️🇨🇱

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