The Old Dominion & West Virginia Heaven – August 20, 2018 – By Julian

By Julian (The Texas Giant) 

On August 20, we (Max, dad, and I) were driving through Virginia, and went to a hilly town called “Lynchburg”!

We ate lunch at a restaurant called “The Cavalier Store”(The Cavalier Store dates back to 1919). Inside the ceiling had license plates all over the place, the bar looked nice, the poker table looked like a table where Al Capone would play, and overall the place looked rather rugged!!! I had a “Cavalier Burger” (a very yummy simple burger), a big plate of wedge fries, and onion rings that were very delicious! I’ll give this restaurant a Texan A+!


After relishing over our feast, we checked out the town! The town was very nice, historical, and prosperous!


We were then entertained when we continued driving through beautiful Virginia, but sitting in the car can get rather boring! Thank goodness I had something to do!!!!


We then drove to Charleston, West Virginia! When we arrived at Charleston, we stayed at a Red Roof Inn (in a sketchy part of the city). The motel room seemed clean, but the motel room did seem a little dirty!!!!! 🤢🤮

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called “Pies & Pints”! For food, we ate yummy chicken wings (the greatest chicken wings on earth), and a pizza which was half Chicken Gouda (this half includes marinated grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, smoked gouda, red onions, chipotle cream, and scallions)! The other half of the pizza was Mushroom Garlic (this half includes roasted mushrooms, feta cheese, roasted fresh garlic, caramelized onions, olive oil, and fresh herbs)! The pizza was very delicious! I’ll give this restaurant a Texan A+!


 After dinner, Max and I ate dessert (dad did not eat any dessert)! Max and I ate some yummy chocolate chip ice cream from a place called “Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream”! I’ll give this ice cream parlor a Texan A+!


Definitely worth it!

After Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream, we walked through the streets of Charleston, West Virginia! After walking through the streets, we went back to the Red Roof Inn and got some sleep!


“Henry Gassaway Davis (November 16, 1823 – March 11, 1916) was a self-made millionaire and Senator from West Virginia. He was the Democratic Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States in 1904.”–Wikipedia

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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