Oscar Wilde Ship – September 4, 2012 – By Lancelot

We get an early start, empty out the whole car and get everything packed up in its proper place. Once completed we head towards the Oscar Wilde to board the boat from Ireland to France.  Once we arrive we get in line and board the Oscar Wilde and then walk to our cabin, with two bunks and a window.

 We were going to sleep in are cozy car but we were not allowed to stay in the car during the trip so now we have to resort to sleeping in a real bed.  After we set our up room we go and explore the ship. It’s an awesome ship.  There are three different restaurants on the boat –  a French cafeteria, a steak restaurant, and a fancy five-star  restaurant that serves steak with foie gras.   We also found a piano bar and a bar with live dancing and music.  On the upper deck there’s a movie theater and outside there’s a sun deck with a bar. We go to the back of the boat and watch as the coast of Ireland disappears. 

After exploring the boat we go see Avengers at the movie theatre, It was epic.  Then we decide to have dinner at the French cafeteria where we had some French meat pies.  We were still hungry so we  head to Steakers and get some steak,.  We thought we would try the fancy restaurant too but it closed early.  We decided to entertain ourselves with soft drinks at the  live music bar.

 The show was slightly drab but fun at the same time.  I think the performers might have even been laughing at them selves .

  After the show ended Max and Julian decided to show everyone in the room their toys.

Eventually the bar closed and they kicked everyone out. After the bar closed we went to the piano bar and listened to the live piano and had some more soft drinks. Around  2:00 am the piano bar closed  and we walked back to are cabin and got some sleep.

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