Dingle – August 26, 2012 – By Lancelot

We got an early start and head to Dingle.  Upon arriving we decide to take a scenic route around the peninsula.   Sadly today is one of Ireland’s cloudy days.  The weather might beat us outside today but not inside, so we drive back to town.  When we arrive we go to James G. A  pub and order up a clam chowder,  fish & chips, and a cod.   It was all great, the fish was really crispy and tender and the clam chowder was creamy and also had lots of mussels which gave it a nice flavor.


After eating we head to the aquarium.  The aquarium is small but has a lot of penguins,


turtles, sting rays, and fish from all around the world and very close by.

After touring the aquarium we go to the gift shop.   I bought a small statue of a sailor drinking beer and a small shovel. We drove to the beach to test out the shovel  but then the weather came along to defeat us again.   It started pouring down rain and the pit I dug was quickly overflown with water. We ran  back to the car and watched some wind surfers race down the coast with the wind sending them literally flying.  We head back to town and find a pub to get some hot dinner. Nice restful Irish day.

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