Cliff of Moher – August 25, 2012 – By Lancelot

We get an early start and go to The Cliffs of Moher.

We are extremely lucky we get a whole clear sky AMAZING.  (very rare in Ireland)

We get our tickets to see The Cliffs of Moher.  We walk as far as possible along until  the gravel trail and railings come to an end.  We reach the Legendary EXTREME DANGER SIGN!!!!!!!!!.  To that sign our mom would say, “Stop, get away from the edge, we are going back.”  She is always very sensible.

On road trips we follow dad’s adventure seeking spirit.  We cross without giving it another thought.   Now there is no gravel  just slippery mud.  No railing just a straight 702 foot drop in to the Atlantic.

There are  large gushes of wind that could throw people standing to close the edge of the cliff.   There is no fence at the edge.  Our mom would say this not safe.


We hiked to the very top of the cliff.

it was amazing but when we reached the bottom again we were covered in mud especially Julian’s  woody doll.

and its hard to clean clothes when you’re car camping.

Clean or dirty, we are on the road to  Ennis.  We arrive late and get some delicious lamb shanks at the Knox pub.   The waiter at the Know Pub was from Vilnius Lithuania.  We told her that we had been there on this trip  and she became very happy and gave us a free dessert,  Great Day.

After this we hike back to the car and get some sleep.

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