Knock Shrine-Galway – August 23-24, 2012 – By Lancelot

We start the day and go to the “Knock” shrine in knock. Ireland.

In 1879,  15 people ranging in age from  5 to  75, saw the virgin Mary. St. Joseph, and St.  John appear.  To the left of St. John was an altar with a lamb on it and behind the altar was the cross.  We wanted to go to mass, but we had to wait till 2:00 pm, so we went to confession while we were waiting. Mass was prayed in many different languages to accommodate people from all around the world.

After exploring the shrine, and going to mass,  we  hit the road to Galway .  We arrive late and try to find a place to get some dinner  which takes us a while.  However, during the hunt for food we got a good tour of the city.  We found  a restaurant  called “McSwiggans.”  I ordered Irish lamb chops with mashed potatoes covered in a creamy garlic sauce.   The lamb chops were like lollypops…delicious.  After dinner we hiked back to the car and get some sleep.

We decided  to take a break and spend the next day chilling in Galway.  We get a late start and go to  McSwiggans for lunch and get a couple of Gunnis stews full of juicy meat, vegetables, and buttery potatoes.   After lunch we  explore and window shop around Galway.  We purchased  a small singing leprechaun and some Jameson Irish chocolate.  Then we were entertained  by some street performers.  We head back to the car and chill for a while and a few hours later we arouse and head  to McDonagh’s to get next some  fish and chips. 😉  Good eating.

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