Inverness & Pitlochry – August 16, 2012 – By Lancelot

We take the bridge back to the mainland, on are way there we run into an old abandoned castle,

and then head to Inverness.  When we arrive we find a place to park and then search for place to get some lunch,

we run in to some bagpipe players playing in front of Mc Donald’s,

but we end up going to a pub and getting some burgers,  fish & chips, and some mac & cheese .

After lunch we hit the road for Pitlochry.  After a long drive we arrive in Pitlochry we park and and we walk around the town looking inside a lot of kilt shops.  We arrive just in time for dinner so we go to a pub called McKays And we get some mince tatties (mash potatoes and beef).  We watched the local folks partake in dancing that night,   Max wanted to go up and dance so I danced with him.

We where the best dancers there or at least thats what I think.  Everyone was watching us so we must have been the best.  🙂  After dancing we walked back to the car, pulled out our air pillows, the dream walker 250 sleeping bags,  and got some sleep .

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