Glasgow, Scotland – August 13, 2012 – By Lancelot


Arriving in Glasgow Scotland we park and walk to the light house. This is no ordinary light house.  Inside this lighthouse is the Scotland Center for Architecture.


The building  is full of  modern art, information on the designers, and innovation of past and future buildings in Scotland.  At the top of the lighthouse is a great view of the city .  You can see the varied architecture of Glasgow that history has made possible.



Feeling ready for some food, we decide to try to find a restaurant.   During our search we walk past the  Royal Exchange Square.



The Royal Exchange Square was the  private mansion of a mega rich tobacco lord.  As we continue our search we pass the  Modern Art Museum.


The Gallery of Modern Art with Duke of Wellington with traffic cone used to be the mansion of the rich tobacco lord William Cunninghame

We finally find a restaurant called Mussels.  For lunch we order 4 clam chowders and a big bowl of delicious mussels.


I have to admit that the mussels in  Bergen, Norway were better,  but the clam chowder was great.

After lunch we stroll through the streets.




we made one purchase…a small statue of the local hero, William Wallace and then hit the road for Oban.

When we get to Oban we walk around looking  inside the kilt shops, trying to decide if we would look good in skirts.  Maybe not.

We  decide to walk around the harbor and watch the ships come in.

KEW_2012_0813_1826 KEW_2012_0813_1825 KEW_2012_0813_1824 KEW_2012_0813_1823 KEW_2012_0813_1822

Yes, we are hungry again.  After all it wasn’t a big lunch.  We head over to a restaurant called “Coast ” for dinner,  but they don’t let people under 13 in after 5:00 p.m. I suggested that we leave the little urchins (max and juni) in the car but they were not big fans of that idea. So we opted to go next door and have some Pizza at a restaurant called “Pizza.”

At least they were clear about what they were selling!

After having some Scottish Italian food we go find a cozy spot to park the car.

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