London – August 7, 2012 – By Lancelot

Upon arriving at Wimbledon we park and catch the train going to Victoria  Station.  Arriving at the destination, we hop off the train to check out the station.  British flags are hanging from every part of the station’s ceiling.  It looks really cool.

Leaving the station we bought some sandwiches and tickets for the London Big Bus which goes  all around the city. The bus took us by million £ homes owned by London’s rich and famous.

on the bus

on the bus

We also saw the London War Memorials,  the Ritz, the worlds biggest and greatest toy shop ever “Hamleys,” Big Ben,  London Eye,  London Bridge, London Tower Bridge,  the Finance District, and Buckingham Palace.  Did you know that the Queen has not been in all 8000 rooms of the palace?  Either have I 🙂

Everything in London is amazing.   After a long day of sight-seeing we look for a place to go to dinner but all the places we walk by are empty,  except for a Tex Mex place called “Crazy  Mexicanos.”   We walk in and find everyone wearing cowboy hats so we grab a few hats of the wall and put them on our heads.




Crazy Mexicanos

Crazy Mexicanos

2012.08.07_dinner at crazy mexican

Dad and I get the burning hot chili with nachos (British Hot….not Texas Hot).   Julian got a chili burger and Max got the Chimichunga.  It tasted good…but it was not as good as the food at Gloria’s in Dallas.  We have to go back to Texas to have really good Tex Mex!

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