Amsterdam to England – August 6, 2012 – By Lancelot

After arriving in Amsterdam we hop onto the “Holland International Boat.”

On the boat

The boat takes us all around Amsterdam showing us all the old churches, towers, and old houses with triangle tops.

The Sea Palace

From the boat

the canals

under bridges



Artsey boat gardens


more Amsterdam

Following the boat ride we  walk over to the Sea Palace.

Sea Palace

The palace is a smaller version of the same restaurant  in Hong Kong.

We order a Peking duck and we receive a huge duck sitting on a tray.   The waitress carves the duck and wraps the duck meat in a Chinese pancake.  It is  delicious.

eating at the Palace

That was really yummy, so we’re ready for some driving.

Next we drive to Haarlem, where we explore the streets, art, and scenery.

streets of Haarlam

art in Haarlam


Then we went to a restaurant that only makes french fries.

fry shop

The fries are amazing.

eating fries

Wish I could remember the name of the restaurant.  We visited a church that was originally Catholic, then Protestant, and now a museum.  It is beautiful on the outside.

Haarlam church

St. Bravo’s in Haarlam

But it is sad that it is no longer a church.  It is just a big, white washed room with chairs and a huge organ….no alter, no statutes, no sanctuary.

It is time to go to London and we will drive through Belgium and France.  Before we get to Britain we will stop in Calais.  In Calais we show the officials our passports.  The officials point the way to a train.  We drive our car onto the train, the doors close, and the train start starts off at a flash.  Before we know it, we are in a large tunnel beneath the English Channel.  I am pretty sure there is no other tunnel like this in the world.  It is really cool.

Within half an hour we drive of the train and we are in England.  We will hit the streets of London in the morning.

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