Oslo, Norway and Goteberg, Sweden – August 3, 2012 – By Lancelot

After a long scenic drive through rolling hills, lakes, and forests to our next destination.

mountains and lakes

hills and rivers

winding water

We arrive in Oslo, the capital of Norway and go to the Viking Ship Museum to see the three oldest Viking ships in the world.  The ships are  the Gokstad, the Osbergskpet, and the Tune ship.  These ships date back to 900 AD.  These ships were burial vessels for powerful, dead, Vikings.  The Vikings filled the ships with everything the dead would need in the after life to remain Vikings.  The ships had furniture,  wagons, boxes, thread, weapons, horses, servants, food, a crew, and oars for the ship.

Viking Ships

The ship

After contemplating the life of a Viking we hit the road to Göteborg, Sweden.  After a beautiful drive we arrive in Göteborg Sweden.  Sweden is less mountainous than Norway, but just as beautiful.   We park and walk over to Liseberg amusement park. We go on a bunch of rides.


Still Amused

Bumper cars, roller coasters, and the  “ATMOS FEAR.”


I figured we would have a good view of the city on the ride …if we didn’t  lose our dinner.  No one wants to ride with me…fine… I’ll go myself.   I get in line and in a few minutes I’m strapped to the seat and it slowly pulls me up  300 ft into the sky.  When I reach the top, the you’re at the radio blares ” 3, 2, 1″ and then I dropped 300 ft .  I could not breathe until I got off the ride… it was awesome!

That was a fun day!

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