Tromso to Trondheim – July 31, 2012 – By Lancelot

It is an eighteen hour drive from Tromso to Trondheim.  We decide to take a little break before we venture down the road.  We stop at a big fresh water lake made up of freezing, cold, melted snow and glacier water.  In we jump, with our soap and shampoo.

the cold lake

We dove under the water and came up in front of a bunch of Norwegian Vikings.  Bet they thought we were polar bears.  🙂 After drying off we get back on the road.

The roads are windy with lots of construction.  Sometimes there is no road and we have to use a ferry  to cross the fiords. On the way to Trondheim we stop in Narvik, an old viking town. We explore the old harbor which was the scene of fighting during WW2.

The Harbor


After much walking, our hungry stomachs force us to stop for  lunch at a restaurant called Fiskehallen.  We ordered a trout plate, a salmon plate, and some fish curry.


One word…yum.  Back to the car, and onto the road to Trondheim.  We drove thru many tunnels, and over huge mountains and glacier.  This country is full of amazing scenery.


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