Bergen – August 2, 2012 – By Lancelot

To drive to Bergen is full of beautiful scenery.



Arrive in Bergen, we find a really cool city surrounded by big mountains and a big harbor with lots of big cargo and fishing ships. Yes…I think it is BIG, so we had to explore.


More Bergen

Love Bergen

We head over to the fish market where every thing from elk meat to statues of trolls is up for sale.

the market

more market

Stopping at one of the stands selling seafood, we get plates of their addicting paella and big plate of the even more addicting mussels with a white wine sauce and fish broth.


This food is amazing!

After lunch we walk around the market and check out all of the fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, and troll  survivors.  Then we go explore the harbor.

the harbor

the harbor

the ships


We stop to watch a street show of a juggler named “Bob from Utah.”   He  juggled and rode a unicycle at the same time.


We are ready to head to the Fløibanen Funicular and take the cable car to Mt  Fløyen.  Arriving at the top and we see an  amazing view of the whole city, harbor, and all the surrounding mountains.  Truly breathtaking.


Above the Harbor


After that We hike thru the forest where a bunch of trolls hang out.

Chilling with the Trolls

More Troll buds

There are ropes hanging on the trees and rope bridges which you can use as swings.


It is really cool.  After some swinging, we take a long, peaceful, 40-minute hike past many beautiful things.


When we get to Bergen,  we are ready for more food so we get some chips and eat them at the harbor  while watching  all the boats go sailing off.  That was a snack, so we head over to “Pingvinen Restaurant and Bar.”   When we entered all of the tables are full.  They sat us at the bar next to the people doing beer contests they even gave us a free drink.  It was orange juice….but it was really good.



We ordered  two plates of Norwegian meatballs, a plate of  halibut, a plate of trout, and a side of  cheesy, bacon covered  mashed potatoes.  it was all really good.

After a hanging at the harbor,

Hanging at the harbor

it is time to hit the road for Oslo.

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