Trondheim – August 1, 2012 – By Lancelot

Driving through Norway is not fast.  The scenery is beautiful and we have to stop and look at everything God has created.  The roads through these mountains are long and winding, so be ready for a long drive.  After a very scenic drive we arrive in Trondheim.


Our first stop is the oldest church in Scandinavia.   Catholics originally built  the church but it is now a Lutheran house of worship.  Since  the Lutheran community no longer uses the church,  there is no money to maintain the church.  As a result, people have to pay  to go in and see the church.

After touring the church we walk through a cool  University Park where we watch a jousting tournament.


We head back to the car and program Bergen into the GPS.  It’s a thundering ten-hour drive so we hit the road.   After a long drive going over scenic, gigantic, snow-capped mountains and mega size tunnels we are still  six hours out side of Bergen.  More driving…..

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