Tromso, Norway – July 29, 2012 – By Lancelot

We hit the road from Rovaneimi and head to Tromsø, Norway. As we continue to go deeper into the Arctic circle and closer to Norway the terrain is full of rugged mountains.

After a long scenic drive we arrive in Tromsø Park in Norway.  The harbor is full of cool fishing boats and seriously expensive pleasure boats which we stare at for as long as possible.

The harbor


Our dinner destination is Steakers.  Upon entering we are given cards and instructed to write how we want our meat cooked, the type of sauce we want, and the type of potato that we want  on the cards.  After the waiter tells us 10 times how the card works we finally order. We order one surf and turf, one fish and chips, and two kebab. The food arrives and it is all really good.  The  shrimp and the fish tasted very fresh.  After dinner we walk back to the car and got a good night sleep.

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