Another day in Tromso, Norway – July 30, 2012 – By Lancelot

We start the day by going to Ema’s for lunch.  On are way to Eme’s we drive through a really long tunnel that goes under the ocean and has lots of rotary’s. We find Eme’s closed so we walk around the block.  We find an open delicatessen and get some hot lasagna.


After finishing that super yummy lasagna, we walk back and find that Ema’s is now open.  In we go.  I order a delicious whale steak with wine sauce served with purple onions and guacamole.  My food left me unable to focus on what everyone else was eating.

Following lunch we drive into the country side.  The scene reminds me of Alaska with bunches of  houses and fishing boats dotting the waterside.  I know it is not Alaska because the people speak Norwegian. We drive back to town and park the car at a big park.  We decide to sit and watch some people training dogs to sit, jump in the air catch sticks, roll over…everything you can imagine.  We had a really cool free dog show.

Then we head over to Mack Brewery  the furthest northern brewery in the World.  Mack Brewery specializes in 18 kinds of beer and coke.  We arrive there a little to late for the tour so we walk over to their beer hall.   Dad orders an amber Mack and we order some cokes.  The waiter brags that the coke is a lot better at Mack because the water comes from melted mountain snow and the surrounding fresh water lakes.   He repeats that it is the best coke you’ll ever have.   He spoke the truth!

Having coke at the Mack Brewery 

The next stop is the Pastafabrikken for dinner.  We order pizzas and one caesar salad.  It was pretty good.  After dinner we head to the car to do some  late night driving towards Trondheim.  However,  we stop on the road and get a five-star view of the mountains and a huge lake.  This place is amazing.

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