Turku, Finland – July 27, 2012 – By Lancelot

We arrive in Turku the oldest city in Finland.  The city lies on the border of the Aura River.   After parking the car, we walk down the dock enjoying the river and all the cool boats.


We find a local cafe and get some coke (yum yum).  Then we hike to Turin Linna castle. Founded in 1280, the castle has been rebuilt many times by the many Kings who lived there.   Turin Linna Castle is known for the imprisonment of King Eric XIV after he was deckared insane.

The Castle

After pondering the history of the castle we go to find a place to eat.  We find a little burger stand serving big burgers.  We decided to have burgers.   They were tasty.

Next stop… Vaasa.   After a great,  scenic, drive we arrive in Vassa.  While driving to the city center we notice there are lots of smoke stacks popping up all around the city.  We park the car and plan to have fondu for dinner,  but when we get to the  restaurant it is closed…. no fondu.

We went to the next block and have a Heshburger,  of course we would never turn down a burger.   After that we hit the road for Oulu.

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