Lithuania and Estonia – July 25, 2012 – By Lancelot

We get an early start to see the Dome Church in Riga, Lithuania but we could not get in due to construction.

Then we decide to go see St  Peters Lutheran Church.  The road to St. Peter’s  is full of small little bus trains going around the city.   To save time we jump on the back of a bus train and ride to the Church.  We take tons of  pictures and head to Pelmeni XLD for lunch.

Time for more of those addicting dumpling bowls and mystery plates.  The potato soup is amazing!  We inhaled  3 dumpling bowls, 2 mystery plates , 3  bowls of soup, and 3 drinks for 12 bucks.  🙂


After lunch we hit the road for Tallinn, Estonia .  Along the road we see abandoned border crossings and other interesting things.

Old Border Crossing

Tallinn is a well-preserved town.


After some touring, we run as fast as we can to a restaurant on Vana Turg.

Going to Vana Turg

We enter an old, dark, medieval room with no lights.  Candles light up the room and the servers wear peasant outfits.


The menu for dinner includes elk with saffron and sour berries…also Gordan Ramsay’s worst enemy … truffle oil.  We also devour rabbit with saffron, sour berries, truffle oil, and cinnamon cubes.   The drinks included honey beer and cinnamon beer.   Dessert includes an apple fritter in phylo dough covered in a sweet creme  sauce.   Yum…I want to eat here again.  Eating through Europe is great!

We are ready for bed so we hike back to the parking garage.  It is late and the lot is locked…so we sit down on a bench and fall asleep.  But we get up again, and after a few more tries we get into the parking lot and head out.  Adventure!!

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