Lithuania – July 24, 2012 – By Lancelot

We hit the road from Kaunas, Lithuania and go straight to Vilnius, Lithuania.  In Vilnius, we take a long and tiring five-minute hike to Loky’s.   At Loky’s we sit ourselves down to a feast.  We ate a big plate of beaver stew and mashed potatoes.  Then we had wild  game Sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We also ate wild boar covered in a white sauce with potato, pear and cranberry  pancake balls.  Then to top it off we had blue noses dumplings with a warm blue berry sauce.



After lunch we hiked over to the Basilian Gate and St Casimir’s church.

The Church

St. Casimir’s Church

It was beautiful.  After staring for some time we hit the road for Riga the Capital of Latvia.

The roads in Eastern Europe are not the safest in the world.   They do not have fences to keep animals of the road so you see cows and horses waiting on the side of the road to cross.  Bunches of hitch hikers travel these roads, and they seemed to like our little car.  People set up stands just off the road and sell potatoes.  At night people are known  to block the road, pull out a gun, make you get out, and simply get in your car and drive a way.  Hopefully that is all they want.

Many old abandoned factory’s, Soviet beehives,  plus old abandon homes are all over the roads.  You can also see huge birds flying out of these buildings and making nests on top of lamp poles .  This is definitely a scenic drive.

We arrive at Riga and go to a restaurant called Pelmeni XLD.  They serve old Soviet peasant food.  The hours of operation are  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.   We tried  dumpling bowls with cow, pig,  chicken, and snail.  We also had bread, potato salad and  two mystery plates of some yummy fried thing.  It also came with a bowl of sauce and two drinks.  Guess what?  The whole meal cost ten bucks and the food is “kick ass.”

Another Birthday Dessert for Julian

Stuffed and tired we are ready for bed.

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