On the Auto Route – July 17, 2012 – By Lancelot

We drop Natalia off at the air port in Paris and say “au revoir.”



Next we  hit the auto route, destination Prague, Czech Republic.  We will stop in many places on the way.  The first stop is the Rhine Valley.  We head east on the auto route, breaking at  a small truck stop to get a bite and some coffee.  Then we speed down the auto route again.  We arrive in Metz, great little town with a great big cathedral.  The cathedral is partly damaged from the second world war, but Metz is slowly starting to attract European and Texan tourists with its beautiful art collections and it’s Michelin star dinning. Sadly, there is no Michelin dining tonight as  we need to get to the Rhine Valley before sun set.  Dinner consists of pulling over at a truck stop on the auto route, walking in to the bar and saying we will take “the all you can eat” and make it snappy!

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