Cot Du Azure – July 14, 2012 – By Natalia

July 14.

Cot du Azure day! That morning, Dad gave us a great driving tour of the French Riviera.

the “azure” water


We arrived in Monte Carlo ready to stretch our legs and site see.

After finding a parking space we visited the casino, Hotel de Paris, and walked by many  fancy shops including Prada, Gucci, etc.:)  We made a stop at Gucci to purchase a handbag for mom.

The harbor


The Fancy Cars:)


View from down the street

View from down the street


I’ve got the bag!!!

So does Lance!


After site seeing to the point of exhaustion,  we went to a cabana style Haagen Dazs parlor.


Haagen Dazs




We planned to drive to Lyon that evening, but it was a 4 hour drive so we decided to go back to L’isle de la surge and enjoy pizza by the river.  While waiting for our order, some street dancers came along with their iPods and MacBooks and put on a show. The dancers showed great talent as they mixed  ballet, hip hop, and break dancing to create their own unique style.  Soon, both sides of the river bank crowded up.  We enjoyed the pleasure of dinner plus a show.

interpretive ballet




As we headed for our second ice cream of the day fireworks filled the sky.  I finally remembered , today is Bastille day!


Ice cream, take two.

It was a wonderful Bastille day. 🙂

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