Barcelona – July 9, 2012 – By Natalia

We drove into Barcelona again,  and headed straight for La Rambas.

morning in Barcelona

Though it was early, the street mimes and flower shops were ready for business.

flower stalls

We spent a few hours exploring the huge covered market full of stalls loaded with fruit smoothies, imberico ham, crepes, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and everything  you can think of under the sun.

an egg only stand

We spent a lot of time sampling fruit juices, cones of ham, ham on a stick, and more ham on a stick…yummy.

sampling smoothies



eating the pizza!

After seeing the market we tried driving past the Gaudi artwork, but Barcelona isn’t exactly the easiest city to drive through…We decided to cut our losses and head for the beach town of Cadaques.

We arrived in Cadaques just as the sun was setting, and watched the sky fill with magical and  enchanting colors.   After parking the car we started walking through the winding harbor roads snapping pictures,


the water

watching the sun set


the town



Checking out local shops,

local shop


and finally eating dinner at a seaside tapas bar.

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