Barcelona, Spain – July 8, 2012 – By Natalia

It’s a longer drive then we expected but we end up in Barcelona.  After parking the car close to the harbor we start walking “La Ramba”!

The old and the new on La Ramba

Balconies on La Ramba

Nice lines on La Ramba

musicians on La Ramba

Lamp posts on La Ramba

Flavor of La Ramba

I immediately insisted on stopping at all the jewelry. nick nack, and flower stands.

Nick Nacks

Flower stand

Since it is Sunday we are looking for a cathedral to attend mass.  Luckily Barcelona’s main cathedral, built-in the 13th century, would have a  mass that evening.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

We attended mass, then explored the gothic area of town.

Gothic and new parts of Barcelona


The evening closed with dinner and green tea ice cream on “La Ramba.”

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