Running of the Bulls, Pamplona – July 7, 2012 – By Natalia

We were so excited about the next day that we woke up at 3:30am, then 4:00 a.m., then 4:15 a.m.  Finally, thinking of the crowds, we got up and walked over to the bullring.  We did not expect a problem finding a spot to watch the bulls  and runners in their craziness. I emphasize the word “expect.”  Even though we got to the site very early, we had to stand in the second row.

All of  the party-people were still going at it, and the fence to separate the runners and bulls from the spectators had not yet been set up.  After an hour the fence came up.  Immediately, a bunch of tall guys jumped on top of the fence making it impossible for anyone else to see the view.  At this point we were hot, exhausted, and tired of the shoving of people on every side.  Dad also had to consider that we could all get shoved by a bull charging the fence.  Plus, we can’t even see if the bull is running our way because of the men on top of the fence.

view behind the fence

Since the “running of the bulls” was a few hours away, we decided to go to a cafe, get some coffee, and watch the “run” from a television.  Good choice, our comfort and safety increased tremendously.   We had a much better view too.  🙂

view inside the cafe

After the run, we drove to San Sebastian for the afternoon, then drove back to Pamplona in the evening for the bullfight.   We had never seen a bullfight so we were somewhat excited and interested.


Full House

The parading of the Matadors around the ring was both colorful and exciting.



One by one, the bulls that ran in the morning entered the ring, and the fight started.



and more

It started out very exciting and fun, but became gory.  It did not seem like a fair battle.  I started rooting for the bull, but I certainly did not want the matador to get hurt either.   I understand that bull fights are a part of culture and tradition, and throughout history people have watched sports involving people and animals fighting each other.  I prefer events that do not involve unnecessary killing.  Maybe we can just have a Matador fashion show…

Following the fight the crowd took over the ring.

after the fight

We went to dinner  and found some spare seats on the street to watch another incredible night of street parties and fireworks!

Street Party

Starting of the Fireworks

When we got back to our parking lot, we found another party underground.  The party had a very American flavor created by the blaring Rihanna remix! 🙂

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