Festivites in Pamplona – July 6, 2012 – By Natalia

Time for the San Fermin/running of the bulls festival!!!!!!!

We found an underground parking lot for the car, and then made our way back to the surface.   Once we reached the street, we saw people from Spain, Great Britain, and France decked out in white pants, red sashes, red bandanas, San Fermin t-shirts, and Spanish style TOMS.  Not wanting to look out-of-place, we purchased similar shirts, pants, sashes, bandanas, etc, etc, etc.

dressed up

all ready

picture with dad

After donning our festive gear we walked around enjoying the party, climbing on statues, taking pictures, and watching the Spanish break dancers.

An easier way to ride a bull

break dancers warming up

taking turns

Then we found the bullring, just for grins we decided to attempt to buy tickets for a bullfight.  Surprisingly we were succesful!!!!  They told us that we had tickets for 5 shaded seats for the next days bullfight.  Shocked!

In the evening we went to the tapas street which is the #1 party street for the festival.  We pushed our way through throngs of singing, sangria drinking Spaniards.

the crowds

Crowds of people filled all the restaurants, but Lance and I managed to squeeze up to one tapas bar and order gourmet ham sandwiches.  It was so much fun just being in the middle of Spain’s biggest party!

After eating we made our way towards the fireworks.  Pamplona hosts an   eight-day firework competition in honor of the festival, and we had to see it.  The fireworks blew us away.


Truly the best fireworks we have ever seen. Amazing night!!!

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