Pamplona, Spain – July 5, 2012 – By Natalia

We drove into Pamplona one day before the festival,  just to get a feel for the city. People were already placing paper bulls above their balconies and setting up red and white clothing stands.

getting ready

We ate lunch in a restaurant with really good food … for eating … not for wearing.   When the hostess brought out one of the dishes she lost her balance and spilled the sauce on me! It was definitely a first, but they handled it wonderfully.  First they helped me to clean off the sauce, then they gave me a new shirt, and washed the shirt I was wearing.  That is what I call service.

Later that afternoon we drove to a monastery where the monks have given out wine to trailers since the 13th century.

the monastery

We sent the  rest of the day driving around the beautiful Spanish countryside and settled for the evening in Burgos, Spain.

getting ready

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