San Sebastian, Spain – July 4, 2012 – By Natalia

It was a wonderful 4th of July!

We started the day be putting together a picnic of fois gras, brie cheese, and baguettes at the Bayonne Covered Market.  We spent most of our morning there sampling duck comfits, croissants, and other goodies!

covered market goodies

horsing around

Once we finally pulled ourselves away from all th delicious and colorful samples we drove into Spain and away from 3G.   Internet data that is.  We still had some data because dad had a spare AT&T card for his iPad.

We drove into San Sebastian Spain and proceeded to rent our standard parasol and beach chairs. Then we proceeded to do what we do best…enjoy the beach!

serious business

working hard


The beach at San Sebastian has bigger waves than the mediterranean beaches, and it is very sandy.  Our fireworks at night was a gorgeous sunset accompanied by gourmet snacks.


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