Pyrenees – July 2, 2012 – By Natalia


We spent the morning and early afternoon exploring St. Emilion. One of the coolest things about that town was the slope made of rocks that you had to carefully climb to go up or down.  The only aid came from a few well placed banisters.



The church in St. Emilion is beautiful.

The Church

church corridors


The Church also has a spectacular view of the town.

view from church

the view

After St. Emilion, we drove through numerous small towns close to the Pyrenees, trying to put together a gourmet picnic. By evening we ended up with a few bags of chips, a jar of Fois Gras, cheese and a baguette . Not too bad. The real event of the evening though was the view!  We drove to the top of a hill town  with incredible vistas, where we ate our French picnic and just admired God’s creation!

the view

enjoying the view

the view





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