Sight Seeing – June 30, 2012 – By Natalia

We began the day by visiting the gorgeous Chateau Azay de Rideau. The Chateau had a long entry way lined with trees, lawns, and a river.  The turrets, balconies, and spaciousness of the Chateau only add to its beauty.



Following the tour we drove past other famous chateaus.  There are always so many eye catching things in every little town that we drive through.

Caught my eye

You can even find American things in France.

American import

We headed towards Saumur, a town known for their famous mushroom caves.  The Lonely Planet guidebook raved about the town, but when we arrived the buildings seemed in general disrepair.  The recommended restaurant with “tables spilling out into the vibrant street,” actually spilled into a back alley. Unimpressed, we drove  to Tours to allow an early start for Amboise the next day.

The day’s salvation was a chocolate store we stumbles upon.  Beautiful on the outside,  yummy on the inside.  It sweetened our day.

Chocolate Store


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