Switzerland – June 18, 2012 – By Natalia

After spending a long day in the car we finally reached Interlaken, Switzerland at 3:00 p.m.  The rain made the day cloudy and wet, but we had an agenda.

The first stop included the Swiss chocolate shops where we sampled all of the free truffles.

truffles anyone?

Stop number 2, was across from Main Street where we took pictures of an incredible glacier. Then Dad found a route taking us around the lakes.  As we drove the route the rain cleared away, and we saw an amazing rainbow over the lakes.

Touring Interlachen


clouds clearing

sun is out

That evening we followed Fodor’s Switzerland recommendation and went to Restaurant Schue.  As soon as we pulled up the manager rushed out to help us park.  After we sat down the manager explained the menu to us.  The restaurant menu had a medley of Swiss, French, Chinese, and Thai food.  Were we in a Kitchen Nightmares episode?  I couldn’t help giggling! Yet our curiosity made us stay.

We decided to start with a pot of fondue, even though they wanted 24 francs per person for fondue. Since it was only an appetizer, we decided to order a pot for two.  The waitress informed us that we would be charged for extra plates and forks if we only ordered a pot of fondue for two.  Dad did not like what he heard.  he paid for his beer and we walked out.

We walked around for a while looking for another restaurant.  In the end we settled for Swiss style big macs:)

Swiss Big Mac

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