Salzburg, Austria – June 16, 2012 – By Natalia

We are in Salzburg, Austria for their main market day!  Market day is full of colorful crafts, tasty foods, and music.  Since this is Mozart’s home, there are violins everywhere.

Tiny violin case


cute violins

wind chimes

chocolate violins

Street musician

Christmas Ornaments

so much to choose from…

After looking at numerous stalls we needed food.   We had to sample every kind of hot dog possible. First sausage stuffed with cheese, then white bratwurst,  Hungarian sausage, keilbasa, and finally sausage with curry and white onion relish…yum…don’t forget the pretzels!

a grill

starter sample

More sausage


While exploring and eating we ran into a group of Austrian guys wearing traditional garb, carrying a boom box, drinking beer, and singing songs we couldn’t understand.   We stuck around to watch the fun.

Getting ready

Austrian Sing Song

The temperature  was rising outside, but we still wanted to see the Hohensalzburg fortress.


We climbed up the many flights of stairs to the top of the fortress that kept invaders out of Austria… until  Napoleon dropped by. The castle was interesting, and the views were definitely the best part.

the top

worth the climb

Towards evening it the temperatures cooled, and we visited the famous Mozartplatz. After getting pics of and with Mozart we  had dinner at a fabulous beer hall! I say fabulous because there specialty is Mac and cheese with bacon, served in a cast iron skillet with chives on top.  Need I go on?


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