Munich, Germany – June 17, 2012 – By Natalia

We started off the day by having a real breakfast!  The plate had  bacon, eggs, coffee and pretzels … some German flare!  We bought our breakfast at a gas station outside of Salzburg, and it wasn’t seven eleven!

After breakfast we headed into Germany intending to drive along the “romantic road.”  Somehow we got lost, maybe it was the signs, maybe it was the road,….maybe it was us. :).  We finally found the “romantic road” and it lived up to its name.   Lakes, small towns and pastures so green laced the road and seemed to pop out of a painting!

Latter that day we arrived in Munich.

Munich – Marienplatz

Munich – the old and the new


Munich – BMW police car

We spent the evening in search of local eateries and German beer halls.  I loved the music, people, and samplings of Pretzels and spatzel.  🙂  yummy!

German Eatery

Beer Hall

Hoffbrau House

Pretzels anyone?

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